shame-free sliding scale 

My paintings are priced at a shame-free sliding scale. That means that no explanations, shame or guilt are needed for paying anything in the following price range: $150, $175, $200 or $250 per painting. 

In order to pay less than $250, you will need to put in the following discount codes at check out:

  • Code to pay $200: PAY200
  • Code to pay $175: PAY175
  • Code to pay $150: PAY150

To pay $250, just proceed with checkout. :-) 

One discount per order. If you'd like multiple discounts, you will need to order separately. 

Paintings are currently available for pick-up in the Capital Region, NY only. I will reach out to you to coordinate pick-up (and sometimes drop-off) after you make your purchase. 

Thank you for your support. <3